Tuesday, June 8, 2010

On Seitan

Since normally seitan doesn't have the best texture in my opinion, I tried the trick of adding 1/4 cup of chickpea flour to make it more tender. It did indeed make it more tender, but nowhere near as awesomely tender and fantastic as the seitan I had at Horizons in Philly. The seitan I had there was so tender, it was freaking me out. It was amazingly tasty, unbelieveably tasty. I want my seitan to be that awesome. Anyhow. This did improve the tenderness, but it was still kinda chewy. Much less spongy though. Perhaps next time I will add oil to the seitan as well, or peanut butter, to see how that affects the texture.

With the seitan, we had a sad Asianesque dish with soba noodles, leftover marinade as sauce, and sparse veggies. With the 2nd half of the seitan, J. made Asian style peanut dish with brocolli and quinoa. We had a jar of peanut sauce. It was actually pretty yummy. You can't go too wrong with peanut sauce though. Peanut butter is just awesome.

I haven't got a memory card installed in the camera. That's my current excuse for no pictures.