Sunday, November 28, 2010

Popcorn on the cob

When J. told me about this, I was in disbelief that it was even possible. How could you pop popcorn that was still attached to the cob? Why had I never seen this before? It was probably a year ago that he told me about it, and then I'd forgotten all about it.

J. arrived home recently from a business trip and handed me a bag of a few dry ears of corn (which look exactly like the type you hang on your door in the fall), and explained that three of the ears were popping corn!

unpopped cobs of popping corn

We placed three of them in a brown paper bag, set the microwave for about 2 mins or so, and out they came, two cobs of popped corn. Some of the kernels fell off of the cob when they popped but a lot stayed on. They were dear, because the kernels were much, much smaller than commercially available popcorn - so teeny and adorable. The only thing is that you have to let it cool a bit because some unpopped kernels stay on the Cob and are really, really hot and will burn you if you bite down too soon.

Here's the popped cobs:

popped cobs

In case you're sick of hearing about popcorn, I do think about other things... sometimes. In this case, a wonderful product I found at WF (or maybe J. found it), which we used to make awesome awesome "beefy" seitan amongst other things.

Better Than Boillon No Beef Base

Then after falling in love, they stopped selling it. I was sad, and kept thinking maybe they would carry it again, or I should buy it on Amazon. Last time I was at WF I actually went through every single one of the better than bouillon jars (they had probably 40 in total) and checked every label. No such luck. I purchased their vegetarian chicken stock goo, but it just didn't cut it. I don't know if I just never liked chicken stock or if this was just not that flavorful, but it wasn't anything like the wonder and glory that is their vegetarian beef broth goo. Yes I'm calling it goo..its just is too goopy to be called a paste.

After all that effort, I asked customer service how many jars were in a case. Only 6, sign me up! I will be getting a call hopefully soon when my 6 jars come in. I am SO EXCITED to make seitan london broil, and seitan pho (I just saw the pho recipe on Bryanna Clark Grogan's blog and felt inspired/excited to try making pho). I remember when I was probably 8 years old and I was filling out some sort of kids beauty contest questionnaire and they asked what your favorite food was and I wrote "London Broil". What a weird favorite food for a kid, no? I recall my Mom said "say pizza instead, they like a generic kind of person in these beauty contests and pizza is as common a favorite food as you can get". I believe I was also encouraged to write down "world peace" as my #1 wish. :)