Saturday, April 28, 2012

Green Hummus & Building a Dog Ramp

We have been delinquent in posting recently, partly because Vegan Lady is very busy with her final project at school, and partly because of the extra time it has taken to deal with our persistently gimpy dog. After 6 months of various treatments, lots of carrying her up and down stairs, etc., she is still limping. Scroll to the bottom of the post to see our current approach, which involved building a ramp for her to go in and out of the window to avoid stairs.

Also, here is some green hummus we made from fresh chickpeas. Well, they were frozen, but they hadn't been dried so they were still green. We used our standard hummus recipe (on It was OK, not really any better or worse than normal hummus, just different:

Here is the dog ramp solution: inside we have a store bought dog ramp, the one from the window to the grassy patch we built (out of some scrap plywood, recycled doormats, and lots and lots of time and screws and cross-bracing scrap wood for stability):

Even this was proving too hard on her shoulder, so now we lift her onto the coffee table inside first so that the slope of the inner ramp is much more gradual. But it is still a big improvement over the old method:

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