Monday, November 12, 2012

What has vegan lady eaten lately?

Vegan lady finds herself too busy to write here more often than not now that she's back in grad school, and I can't keep up with all of the great stuff we eat on my own. So here's a quick sampling of some of what we've been eating lately. Sorry there are no recipes, but leave a comment if you want one and we'll see what we can do.

Seitan braised in red wine mushroom sauce (incredible): Seitan braised in red wine mushroom sauce

with some kale added for health: Kale and seitan in red wine mushroom sauce

tempeh tacos w/ Mexican slaw (the tempeh used the marinade recipe from "fajitas" on Tempeh tacos with Mexican slaw

Simple Thai salad (nothing fancy, just a way to use up some leftover peanut-coconut dipping sauce from our spring rolls): Simple Thai salad

Roasted cardoon, jerusalem artichoke, and parsnip: Roasted Cardoon, Jerusalem Artichoke, and Parsnip

If you have never heard of cardoon before (we hadn't), it's a relative of the artichoke which looks like celery but tastes like a bitter artichoke: Cardoon

Raw parsnip beet salad with pineapple-mint dressing: Parsnip-beet salad with pineapple mint dressing

Bonus points for making the salad with striped Chioggia beets: Striped Chioggia beets

But still good if you make it with normal beets (we liked it enough to make it twice): Raw beet parsnip salad

and finally, pumpkin parsnip kale lasagna (with parsnips FINALLY at the farmer's market, I just can't help myself): Pumpkin parsnip kale lasagna

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