Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mushroom Stroganoff

Last night I finally satisfied my ongoing mushroom stroganoff craving properly. I have made previous attempts and they just stank. I modified a recipe from Vegetarian Times cookbook, and instead of using soy sour cream & silken tofu, just used Wildwood brand plain soy yogurt. It worked out quite well. Well, actually I think I should have made it stronger, b/c I made the sauce perfect, but then when it got on the pasta it became a bit too mild for me. However, it shouldn't be hard next time. It involved soy sauce, sherry, dried ground yellow mustard, dried dill and a dash of paprika. Half an onion, 8 oz. pasta, 1 container Wildwood soy yogurt in plain (the only plain yogurt that's not all sugary tasting - what are the other yogurt makers thinking, really?). Also one clove garlic. I winged it with the qty of flavorings, just to taste. I served with haricots verts (skinny string beans), because I love them and was too lazy to make dinosaur kale which I think would go well with this. Also I added Gardien's new veggie "beef" tips - not a necessity but they were in the freezer and they worked well in the recipe. I recommend slicing them up thinly so they spread evenly throughout. If I'm going to do a food blog I really need to get a camera. While I'm at it, a new computer, and since I'm spending loads of dough, why not a new dresser, trundle bed, and wall-top storage cabinets? Ah, life would be grand! However, I am super indecisive so shopping is hard for me. Having those things already is nice, but the whole 'which should I go with' and researching and stuff, I don't like. I'm greatly troubled that I might get the wrong thing and regret it later.