Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Weekend cooking: Healthy Soups & etc

This weekend I went to visit my grandmother who is ill right now. I made two healthy soups: french lentil from 'Voluptous Vegan' and 'Brocolli and Potato' from Veganomicon. I also made the quinoa cashew stir fry from Veganomicon, though I sub'd white rice for the quinoa (not reccomended), because I was concerned quinoa was "too wierd" for my grandmother. I also made the bananna flapjacks from Vegan Brunch and I must say they are the best pancakes I have had in YEARS. I must admit, I did coat the pan in earth balance when cooking the pancakes, I always do because I like my pancakes that way. I just really loved those pancakes, so fluffy, actually almost too fluffy, I feel I could have reduced the baking powder and still had excellent results.

The brocolli soup was just too healthy tasting though. Kinda blah, and I followed instructions exactly. I think it would be improved with some cashew cream and nut yeast. I froze single serving sizes of the leftover soup. Its worth fiddling with anything with broccoli to get the recipe right, rather than just giving up because its so good for you and its good to eat it in a variety of ways so as not to get bored with it. Once I purchase a camera I can take photos of these foods I make and then the blog would be something people might want to read! :) I hate food blogs without food pictures. I also need to buy a new winter coat before they run out of all the on-sale coats. And practice guitar. And do my taxes.