Monday, May 3, 2010

Vegan Cheese Tasting

We had some company recently so we decided to load up on some unhealthy snacks. We got corn chips - the round kind, and daiya, and sheese, and while they were here we headed up to pangea, and on impulse bought some dr. cow. So we had a cheese tasting. We put the daiya on the corn chips and melted in the toaster oven, and served the sheese and dr. cow uncooked. People really liked the dr. cow and nachos, the sheese was good but not the favorite. I am so in love with Dr. Cow. It has such a bitchin aged cheese flavor. Jon was like 'it tastes like cashews and tahini' and I was like 'blasphemer! it tastes like awesome, awesome aged cheddar!!'. I ate it on apples in the morning, just as I remember eating strong cheese on apple slices as a kid. Yum! Since we had sheese lying around, we made a super tasty (cucumber-tomato-sheese-lemon-herbs) greek wrap like you might do with feta, that was the perfect application for sheese. We also made chili daiya cheese dogs, and I had a mushroom daiya cheese vegi-dog like I remember from Mexico (well, I didn't have the dog part in mexico since they didn't have vegi-dogs there). So we got many of our cheese-based comfort foods of childhood taken care of. We heard they recently re-formulated teese so we'll see how that turns out.