Friday, May 14, 2010

Wierd Food

I had some leftover 'mayo' that I'd created with some silken tofu, oil, mustard powder and vinegar for the bhan mi sandwiches we enjoyed recently. I was thinking 'what on earth can I make with mayo?' Enter, the Hellmans mayo web site. They put mayo in cake even! Cake! I saw a recipe that called for mint, and we also had leftover mint (from our recent mojitos). The recipe was basically mayo, dijon mustard, minced onion, mint, and peas on pasta. I didn't have any regular pasta, so I boiled up some soba. The verdict? Not bad really. You would think it would be gag worthy, but its similar to pasta salads I've had in the past. The mint is nice actually, and you would not think it would pair with onion or mayo, but its not bad. No prize winner, but just mildly flavored and not at all disgusting tasting, though it probably sounds disgusting, food.