Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dedicated to the Hummus Sandwich

We used to eat a lot of Hummus sandwiches. It was easy, it contained a lot of veggies which made us feel saintly. But I got SERIOUSLY bored. They tasted so...healthy. Jon likes a hummus with very little tahini, which just made it healthier tasting :(

Then we had our Star Trek party, and in our food research, discovered:

A hummous sandwich with a twist! The shredded carrots and sliced cucumbers are marinated with 50% rice vinegar and 50% soy sauce. You also add horseradish and sriracha chili sauce! Wow, what a HUGE difference. We served this to my Mom and Dad when they came to visit and my Mom loved it so much she now serves it to her friends from the Civic Club and Red Hat Club. I wonder if she explains to these ladies that this sandwich is an interpretation of a sandwich mentioned in a tv show about travelling through space, and this dish is in fact from another imaginary planet. Perhaps not.

Anyhow, we recently discovered a new possibility for this sandwich, which you wouldn't think would be a big deal but I LOVED it. We steamed some kale instead of using cucumbers. Then we added the steamed kale and carrots to the 50/50 vinegar soy sacue mix, and marinated about 10 mins and drained. We just stuffed that into a pita with hummus and it was super good. We also used store-bought hummus. I will try this recipe again and let you know if it was the store-bought hummus or the use of the kale.

Oh, while thinking of Vegan Yum Yum, we made the Spicy Tomato Soup from that book. It contains lots of interesting spices and chickpeas. It was amazingly good though and so so so easy! All you need practically is canned tomatoes and canned chickpeas (perfect for winter). As I have previously mentioned, quarter the salt from her recipes. Then at the end, if you need to add more salt, do. But you can't remove salt, and she prefers much more salt than Jon and I, and possibly, you, do. Dang, I totally gotta make that soup for my Mom and Dad, they'll love it. The list of cookbooks I just HAVE to haul up to my Grandmothers on the train just keeps growing....