Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gardein's Beefless Tips make an appearance

In an effort to make this week easy, given my final exam is on Thursday, I decided to get some pre-made/easy items for dinner. One of those was Gardein's beefless tips, which I'd put in Mushroom Stroganoff before and yowza, so good! Strangely, I cannot stand veggie burgers because they remind me too much of hamburger, yet I can wolf these guys down with relish. So Jon simmered some garlic in olive oil, then added the beefless tips and red wine. He kept reducing and adding more red wine until he was happy with the flavor, and we mixed it together with the tinkyada rotini and some pasta sauce. Very yummy....but I couldn't even finish my lunch portion. I ate too many french-style green beans. Sigh. Well, I'll eat the rest later.

Did I mention my seitan disaster? Well, here's a recap in case I didn't. I attempted to save time by not boiling the seitan (Vegan Dad can do it with his hot wings, right?). Well, this did not turn out all delish like those Vegan Dad hot wings. I smashed the slices out and baked them, and baked them, and baked them some more until unfortunately they became like bready chewy sponges. I have been eating this mistake this week. I guess it could be worse...the flavor is okayish. Well, its non-offensive anyhow.

I don't know how I'm going to maintain any self control next week with the cookies I'll be making, and I'm sure I will probably bake a bunch of stuff and eat chips. Well, there's always Jan-May to get lookin' good for the wedding. 1.5 weeks off plan won't kill me. It'll probably make it harder in the end, but...cookies!