Monday, April 30, 2012

Review of Gobble Green Vegan Frozen Meals, Day 1

We saw one of those group buy deals for 50% off a week of frozen homemade vegan meals delivered to your house (from Gobble Green), and since we knew Sarah would be extremely busy in the week before her final project for school was due we thought it would be fun to try.

The first wrinkle was that when we ordered our food, it was scheduled to arrive a month later. They indicated that you can get it next week instead by ordered $25 of extra food, so we did so thinking it would arrive on Monday or Tuesday. After a week of not being able to get in touch with them by phone and having a few cryptic and unhelpful email exchanges it finally arrived on Saturday, without the extra food we ordered (hopefully we don't get charged).

Anyway, aside from the customer service issues (perhaps they are overwhelmed by the response to their group buy offer), here's the rundown on day one of the food.

"Hash Browns" & Mushroom Tofu Scramble w/ Cheese (not pictured: strawberry oatmeal and peanut butter cookie):

The hash browns were really tasty (although not crispy like hash browns usually are), but the tofu scramble was inedible (it tasted like plain tofu with vinegar, and adding salt did not help). Definitely the worst tofu scramble either of us had ever had; I really hate wasting food but couldn't finish it. Perhaps the tofu had gone bad?

We also ate a strawberry steel cut oatmeal (which Sarah liked, but I thought was too sweet and funny tasting, although the texture was good) and a delicious peanut butter cookie (it looked like fake meat when it arrived, but was quite good nonetheless).

Tortilla Soup, Southwestern Salad, Signature Vegetable Soup

I thought that the Southwestern Salad was OK, but bland and too sour (so I added some agave, salt, and Sriracha). Sarah thought it tasted vinegary and "indescribably wrong" and "chemically."
The Signature Vegetable Soup tasted to me like it had spoiled a bit, although to Sarah it just tasted like soup made from canned vegetables.
The tortilla soup was definitely the best of the three, but was (yet again) too sour / vinegary for our tastes, and pretty salty as well. I still sort of enjoyed eating it, but by the end I was ready to quit and couldn't handle another bite.

So lunch was definitely not a winning meal.I got a solid stomachache afterwards, so we ate normal food for dinner instead. It seems likely that several of these dishes were left out too long before being frozen since they mostly tasted "off."


Anonymous said...

Great food. Simple menu with the classics. Really good value. Service was also very fast and friendly.

Anonymous said...

I have been doing business with gobble green for a long time and I have kept with them for the quality of food. Though at times i noticed there customer service was not good, i am finally started to get good service. I noticed that they are responding to my questions quicker and just seem to have things under contorl. The only reason i continued to do business with them is the food is very affordable and is good quality. I hope they continue to provide quick answers whenever i have questions.

Jon Fisher said...

I'm glad to hear you had a better experience. I should note that they eventually did send us another "vegan starter kit" for free (although it was a surprise, they didn't tell us they would do this), and the second time around nothing tasted spoiled. Not everything was great, but at least not spoiled. They also eventually responded to our requests for a refund for the extra dishes we ordered that never came. Sadly, it was after so long that we'd already had to reverse the charges via our credit card company.