Monday, April 30, 2012

Review of Gobble Green Vegan Frozen Meals, Day 2-3

The saga continues!
For the second day we had tofu scramble and hash browns again. This time Sarah added enough other ingredients to the tofu scramble for her to be able to choke it down, and again the hash brown was pretty good.

We did better than the previous day, w/ Sesame Tofu & Vegetables and Baked Cauliflower and Broccoli:
The sesame tofu and vegetables (on left) was actually pretty good (no complaints), although it was odd that although the instructions said to serve it over rice, we didn't receive any rice in the package. Fortunately we already had some prepared to eat it with.

Sadly yet again the cauliflower / broccoli dish tasted like vinegar and in general off-tasting, so presumably it too was somewhat spoiled.

For dessert we had the "carrot coconut scamble" but it was just shredded carrots, coconut, and agave nectar. So not really gross, but not really dessert either. Just OK and odd.

Lunch, Day 2:
I had the Lentil / Cauliflower Curry and the Coriander Courgettes:
Surprise! They tasted of vinegar! Otherwise they were both actually sort of good, but by the time I was almost to the end I had a stomachache again and couldn't finish it (not due to quantity, I'm a big eater).

Sarah had half of a Texas Caviar (good, too salty but otherwise had good flavors) and the Paella (good, sort of peppery flavored, not gross but if we had made it we wouldn't make it again). Fortunately they weren't vinegary tasting at all so presumably they were frozen more quickly after being made.

Once again for dinner we had to eat normal food. We're almost done!

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Jon Fisher said...

They eventually did send us another entire vegan starter kit, free of charge! The food was 100% not spoiled the second time around, although some of it was still bland.