Monday, August 13, 2012

When culinary judgment fails: franks n' waffles

There are times when the intersection of hunger and a lack of time lead to culinary malfeasance. This is the story of such a time. I'm working at home today, don't have time to go out for lunch, and supplies are critically low here. But we do have Field Roast frankfurters (which I love and rarely have), which got me craving a proper veggie dog. Sadly, we don't have buns, or bread, or even crackers. What we do have is frozen waffles. Frozen blueberry waffles.

But I'm that hungry, and so I press on. I'm not proud of this: it isn't a creative culinary breakthrough, nor a whimsical nod to carnival fare. This is what happens when you want something, realize you can't have it, come up with an awful solution, overrule that solution, then get curious.

Frankfurter on blueberry waffles

In the end, it wasn't actually that bad. The flavor of the frankfurters - assisted by the tomatoes from my garden, sriracha, and celery seed - pretty much dominated the flavor of the waffles. "Operation: not be hungry" can be considered a success.

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